Artist Bio

Adele Woolsey in the studio at the Burns Visual Arts Society

I’m a full time artist based out of Calgary, Alberta. I studied Fine Arts in Kelowna, British Columbia and at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary earning a BFA with distinction in 2007. I work out of my studio in the Burns Visual Arts Society building in Ramsay, a wonderful historical community in the heart of Calgary. It is my great pleasure to be an actively involved member and the vice president on the executive board of this diverse and talented group of 20 artists in the oldest artist studio cooperative in Alberta. The group energy and camaraderie produce a supportive and inspiring atmosphere in which to create.

I mainly work in a mixed media format. I use acrylics and other water-media on a Venetian plaster ground. I prefer to alter the texture of the painting surface and Venetian plaster is the perfect vehicle for me to do that. I enjoy experimenting with unconventional materials and artistic processes to create mixed media paintings with tactile surfaces that express a strong physical presence.